We currently have Flex Membership vacancies!

At White Space, we understand that business requirements and demands change daily. For those on the go who don't like being tied down with leases but appreciate the grounding of a dedicated business home, we offer the Flexible Membership Package.

Surroundings for success

Access to White Space 24/7 including: internet access, lounge & coffee/ tea corner

Comfortable business environment. Fully serviced and ready.

Complimentary tea and coffee.

Ultimate flexibility for a business base with no leasing agreements

Complimentary printing services

High speed internet connection

Great location and transport links

Members will have access to 50% discount in booking all White Space facilities

Access to premium private offices

Ultimate flexibility for business base with no leasing agreements

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Location 1:

Office 206, 2nd Floor,

Al Murjanah,

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Location 2:

Office 1201, 12th Floor,

The Headquarters Business Park,

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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